Top best five 7-star hotels in the world

  1. Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Emirates Palace Hotel is one of the rare 7-star hotels in the world. This is really a very luxurious hotel that only rich countries in the United Arab Emirates have the capacity to built. The budget to invest in and construct this hotel is estimated at 3,9 billions of USD. What a huge spending figure!

Its is also famous for being decorated by 40 tons of gold in some important places.

Emirates Palace Hotel is designed by an English architect and is managed by the world’s best hotel management group Kempinski (Germany).

This hotel has 8 floors that stretch over 1 km with a total area of about 850.000 m2. Located in the golden land near the coast in the capital Abu Dhabi, Emirates Palace Hotel is officially opened from November 2005 with 394 rooms and many kinds of room. In addition, this hotel owns a big green park with an area of 1.000 hectares with 8.000 trees and they are replanted every two years.This is a place where many chief of state, diplomats, gentlemans, rich business titans, famous singers… choose to stay.

Moreover, very different and outstanding, its is equipped with a gold automatic machine called Gold To Go and of course, this machine is also inlaid by the gold. The hotel’s Mezlai and Le Vendrome restaurants are renowned for its gold-inlaid desserts. Each chocolate cake in theses restaurants costs about 80 USD.

The price to stay one night in this hotel is from 470 USD. The most expensive room is Palace Suites whose price is 15.000 USD.

  1. iSquare Hotel and Mall Complex, Orlando

Rated the 2nd place in this list is the iSquare Hotel and Mall Complex where located in Orlando, Florida state (America). According to the plan, this complex will have 1256 rooms and each room will have a really high standard for a 7-star hotel.

It’s estimated that the budget for this complex is about 400 millions of USD with 2 towers and the most luxurious and excellent services. The representative’s company that invest in this complex, Blackmine Group, said: “iSquare will give each guest a feeling of living as a billionaire and a world-famous star.”

  1. Pangu Plaza in Beijing

Pangu Plaza (as Morgan Plaza in the past) is the China’s most luxurious hotel, located in the investment zone for the 2008 Olympic Games. Its is also the building that appeared in the blockbuster Transformer 4. This plaza is considered as a symbol for the strong development of Beijing city.

Inside the hotel, everything is designed as a temple. In this place, there has the most famous Japanese restaurant in the world.

The luxury of this hotel is reflected in every small detail such as the marble pillars at the lobby and the suite of rooms with its sophisticated and comfortable decor. It’s rumored that the apartments at Pangu Plaza cost 800.000 USD/year.

This place welcomed Bill Gates and surely will satisfy any customer.

  1. Pentominium Hotel, Dubai

Dubai is a wealthy city with a sumptuous lifestyle. It’s the second largest city after United Arab Emirates’s capital, Abu Dhabi. It has a luxurious 7-star hotel, Pentominium Hotel.

This hotel is located on the Dubai’s coast and was built to bring the most expensive apartments and its excellent services to the customer. The high-end services at this hotel include housekeeper service, luxurious car rental, cruiser…

The guests can the indoor pool and stunning sea views and the modern equipment to relax.

  1. Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

Burj Al Arab Hotel is the first 7-star hotel in the world. It was designed by the architect Tom and Khuan Chew. With a height of 321 meters (1053 ft), this is the tallest building to be used as a luxurious hotel when it was finished and opened in 1999.

The owner took 6 years to built this hotel. It locates on an artificial island whose distance with Jumeirah’s beach is 280m and that has a private bridge to connect to the mainland. Its iconic architecture, designed as a symbol of Dubai and formed as an Arabian sail that will head for the open sea.

The hotel has 28 floors with 202 rooms, including the extra spacious and luxurious Royal Suite. The rate’s staff is 8:1 (8 serves a guest) and there has 60 reception desks. There are also luxurious services as housekeeper house, Roll Royce and helicopter to meet and see the customers, gold-inlaid 24k Ipad…

This hotel has as well 8 restaurants (inside a restaurant under the ocean), 4 pools, a modern fitness room, a luxury bar and a comfortable spa. In particular, there has a helicopter landing yard, which is also a tennis court in the air. Many places in this hotel are inlaid by the gold, the swarovski crystal and statuario marble.

Every year, around 10 tons of chocolate is used for making the desserts in this hotel.

The Royal Suite’s cost is 18.716 USD/night – the price that only very rich people have the opportunity to experience and enjoy it.