You wouldn’t stop EAT when you come Hue International Food Festival

quảng cáo

With the theme “Hue food’s quintessence”, Hue International Food Festival will be organized from April 28 to May 2, 2018 in the context of Hue Festival 2018. This is an interesting activity that the national and international visitors wait for without patience each Hue Festival.

It hold this festival to honor the original and quintessential cuisine of Hue and of Vietnamese regions for the national and foreign tourists. At the same time, it will also expand the opportunity to promote and exchange the culinary culture between countries with international visitors and friends. In addition, in this festival, the artisans will have chance to show their best skills to make their food, more reinforce the culinary exchanges, discuss their experiences, find the market and cooperate the investissement.

This festival will take place at Thuong Bac Park, Tran Hung Dao street, Hue city, in which as expected there will have 20 - 30 stalls for participating countries, famous restaurants and food regions in Vietnam.

More over, Hue International Food Festival will have many attracted programs such as: perform how to make, present and serve the dishes in all the stalls. Each country, region will choose to perform, prepare their typical dishes, help the visitors to discover their special culture and cuisine.

What do you think about this festival? Are you feeling that your stomach is boiling? See you soonnnnn at the Hue International Food Festival 2018!!!