You can totally clear away hot temperature with these 6 magnificient parks from the North to the South

Dragon Park Halong

If you are a fan of adventurous games, you shouldn’t miss Dragon Park in Halong. The highlight of this park is the world’s high speed and adventurous games such as the longest glider in Asia with the rail and its length of 1.1 km. Or the game “Frenzied rhino” will gyrate the players on these huge rhino’s horns, elevate them to and freely fall with a speed of 65km/hour. In addition, these another thrilling games in this park like the pirate or fastest ship will give you some unforgettable moments.

For the children, when they come to Dragon Park, they’ll have chance to explore a magical and romantic world with these games that reappear some fairy tales like “The wonderful cup” of beautiful Alice, “Car of childhood”, “Antique train”.

Apart from the systeme of international games, Dragon Park also attracts visitors with a beautiful and natural space and high-level services and restaurants.

Ticket price: 255.000 – 299.000 VNĐ/person depending on the type of ticket.

Asia Park Danang

Speading on an area of 868.694 m2 on the west bank of the Han river, Asia Park in Danang is a combination of unique features of entertainment models in the world with special cultural highlights in Asia.

Asia Park includes three main zones: A modern outdoor amusement park, a cultural park with these special architectural works from the 10 different countries and the Sun Wheel where mixes between modern and traditional features.

Out of adventurous games, this park has a sun’s roundabout from where you can contemplate all the romantic views of Danang.

In the weekend, many family will come here and relax, so the guests always must wait long time if they want to join these games.

But with the enjoyable experience, Asia Park is considered as a destination that you should visit in Danang.

Ticket price: 150.000 – 300.000 VNĐ/person depending on the type of ticket.

Vinpearl Nam Hoi An

Just opened but Vinpearl Nam Hoi An really becomes a favorite site to check-in for many young travelers. This park has an original design with many decorative multi-coloured lanterns of Hoi An and these huge boats at the gate. Moreover, if you want to discover the aquatic animals, you can visit the cool River Safari.

Ticket price: 150.000 – 500.000 VNĐ/person depending on the type of ticket.

Asia Safari Quy Nhon

Walking in the park, the visitors will enjoy a green space with birds, plants and herbs. This is also a great educational environment for the children when they can directly approach the nature and have a most realistic view about the habits of rich animals. Therefore, the children will love more the nature and take shape a sense of conservation for the wild life and animals.

The most favorite in this park for the children is the Pet Zone where has dozens of animals of small size and especially lovely figures such as: dwarf goat, fennec fox, dwarf horse, small ostrich…. Here, the children will have chance to play with these pets and learn how to take care of them through the guidance of Asia Safari’s staff.

In addition, this park also has full of restaurants, fast food restaurants and souvenir shops for visitors.

Asia Safari is definitely an ideal destination for the children in this summer

Dam Sen water park in Saigon

From many years, Dam Sen water park has became an ideal site for the young people each summer. If you like the strong feeling, you can experience yourself with tube games or not just lay on a float along the lazy river.

Ticket price: 70.000 – 300.000 VNĐ/person depending on the type of ticket.

Suoi Tien Saigon

In the summer, Suoi Tien park in the suburb of Saigon becomes crowded with many associations of students in this city and in the surrounding area. Snow castle, aquarium and Tien Ngu park are these favorite places for the children in here.

Ghost house or adventurous games aren’t imposing but can make you feel interesting. You can also participate in some games in Suoi Tien park such as: Boeing aircraft, hydroplane, mini glider, dragon boat…

Furthermore, this park has 6 restaurants that serves the food from 3 Vietnamese regions.

NOTE: The park is always crowded with many people. The restaurants serve slowly and its food is normal. So if you want to be more active and save you money, you can prepare some dishes at home before visiting here.

Ticket price:  60.000 -120.000 VNĐ/person depending on the type of ticket.