Still-life Photography Exhibition: #Vietnamme 01 (Solo Exhibition)

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As an official introduction to the public about this project, #Vietnamme 01 is the initial greeting for Vietnamese inspirations under the modern perspective and sense of young people. More than 25 works in the exhibition's framework are interesting stories about the Vietnamese elements in harmony with the contemporary context. This is also one of the first art exhibitions to apply barcode (QR code) to the audience to understand more about the works's content.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: văn bản


Time: 10h00 - 21h00 on March 23rd and 24th 2019

Venue: Dau Do Vegan Vietnamese Cuisine, 7 Ho Xuan Huong, ward 6, district 3, Ho Chi Minh city

Free entrance

1. Inspiration

Don't discover Vietnamese/tradition according to the path, the works in #Vietnamme 01 are transmitted from the point of view: "Vietnamese culture/tradition need to be survive in the modern context and receive the global inspiration but still keep the national identity.".

Since then, the interesting has been formed from new combinations, helps the viewers to remember about the different types of cakes and items in Vietnamese daily life, in a more respectful mind.

2. The exhibition's space insists on the participants's experience

#Vietnamme 01 will be an experience space, where the viewers not only have access to photography, but also have the opportunity to discuss, taste traditional cakes et especially use QR code technology to understand more about the works.

So, Vietnamme designed the exhibition space and divided it into 3 areas corresponding to 3 groups of works and adventure experiences:

+ Zone A - #Taste of Vietnamme: group of works with main subjects are traditional cakes. In addition to enjoying visual works, attendees also see and taste directly these cakes. 
+ Zone B - #Vietnamme Object: works with subjects are iconic and reminiscent of Vietnam. In particular, attendees will use smartphones to scan QR codes, thereby discovering more about the content.
+ Zone C - #Vietnamme Project: Works that have appeared in the Vietnamme project as well as the author's. This is considered the last stage of the exhibition, so the interaction of participants will be a conversation with the author Khoachim - as a thank you that the "landlord" wants to send to the attendees.

(Source: Fanpage Vietnamme)