Guccci’s Art Exhibition: “No Space, Just A Place. Eterotopia”

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From the organizer:

17 Apr – 12 July 2020

Daelim Museum, Seoul

Perhaps one of the most anticipated exhibition to hit this year, the Gucci “No Space, Just A Place. Eterotopia” art exhibition has finally opened its doors in Daelim Museum, Seoul (after delaying the launch due to COVID-19).

And while most of us will not be able to fly out to Seoul to witness this majestic exhibition, Gucci has prepared a special virtual tour for you through a 360° clickable video on the exhibition’s official website. And the best surprise is Gucci ambassador and K-pop boy band EXO’s member Kai (Kim Jong-in) has also been cast as your virtual tour guide/narrator!

Upon entering the virtual tour, guests are now able to explore every single artwork and masterpieces curated by Myriam Ben Salah, in partnership with Alessandro Michele, that features the works of five talented artists – Meriem Bennani, Olivia Erlanger, Cécile B. Evans, Kang Seung Lee and Martine Syms – where each explores ideas in the form of immersive installations inspired by the near future or by fantastic mythologies

The exhibition spans three floors and showcases various rooms – Audio Visual Pavilion, Boan1942, d/p, Hapjungjigu, OF, Post Territory Ujeongguk, space illi, Space One, Tastehouse and White Noise – and for each creation featured, you can click on audio notes (in English or Korean) to learn more. The exhibition also include various independent artists’ works to illustrate the theme behind the exhibition.

For the Korean audio tour, it is narrated by Kai, and while some of us might not be able to understand the language, his captivating voice is more than enough reason for us to take a second tour (after the English one) to further immerse ourselves in the exhibition.

Scroll down for a sneak peek of the exhibition now.

Martine Syms

Lee Kang Seung

Meriem Bennani