From the Palm of Our Hands

quảng cáo

This event is a gathering of young people who are dedicated to making a career with their crafts - embracing high standards in product quality, depth of research while thriving to express their own individuality.

“Ra Tay” is a summarized translation of the market’s English name “From the Palms of Our Hands”. In Vietnamese, to “Ra Tay” carries a variety of meanings: to make an action with a sense of urgency; to show off what one’s capable of; to leave a strong impression, to establish a statement with a burning determination and no intention of delay or restrain. To finally do something that matters.

During our event hours, "Ra Tay" also offers a program of talkshows and workshops in which our vendors will share their knowledge on the pursuit of craft-making and other creative ventures. Information and registration form will be updated shortly on event fanpage.



  • 10h00 - 19h00 on June 8th 2019
  • 10h00 - 18h00 on June 9th 2019

Venue: De.Tam Cafe, 3rd floor, No.33 Yen The street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi

Free entrance

List of our vendors:
Touched. Studio
Giấy Dó Ngô Đức
Lucid Dream - Miniature & Art/ Lucid Dream - Wooden crafts
Liulo Arts & Craft
Lớp học Hồng Xiêm
XuAn Studio
Cửa Tiệm Nyahaha
Shampoo Bar by Toby and Bond
Ủ - Đồ ăn lên men - Đu đủ
Bông bay bay
Phong Studio
Tân House
Zebbie Studio

(Source: Fanpage of Hanoi Indie Troupe)