Top 10 cheap homestays in Dalat, the best view

Top 10 cheap homestays in Dalat, the best view

Are you planning to go to Da Lat? Want to travel but still feel at home? You do not know which homestay to choose for reliability? Most beautiful homestays are located far from the center, many homestays have to go into narrow and steep alleys. Are you willing to live with strangers? Too many worries for you? Right now, GTOP will introduce Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat with beautiful views for your reference and peace of mind to choose for your upcoming trip!

Summary of cheap homestays in Da Lat, beautiful view, near the night market 2019

1. House of Wind

Address: 50 Nguyen An Ninh, Ward 6, City. Da Lat, Lam Dong Province

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-1 House of Wind is a homestay in Da Lat that is neatly located and immersed in the heart of nature, where there are pine forests that change with the weather and flowers that change with the season. The blend of natural beauty with the human mind makes such a homestay close to nature. Although not far from the city center, Nha Gio is a cheap homestay, very suitable for groups of friends who want to save money or families who are too “bored” of the crowded city scene. I want to find a peaceful place. Each room in the Wind House is named by very cute names such as: Ut Deo room, Ty Dieu room, Co Tu room, Little Xap room, .. the owner here is definitely a funny, friendly person. that’s why there are “quality” names like that.

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-2 Especially the homestay also has a secret room. Do you wonder what’s in that room? Although it is called a secret, this is a common room used for gatherings, where young people or families gather together, review many stories, tell each other everything about life and here. This is the room that many people consider the most interesting in this homestay. Room price: 

Small dorm room: 110,000 VND/person/bed/night
2 rooms (Ti Dieu & Ut Deo): 125,000 VND/person
3 rooms 1 bed for 2 people: 340,000 VND/night
2 rooms 2 beds for 4 people: 530,000 – 650,000 VND/night

2. Sunny

Address: 14B Dong Da, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-3 Traveling is always preferred on warm sunny days. Sunny is a homestay in Da Lat with a beautiful campus, you can enjoy the view of Da Lat city with family and friends. In the morning, the sparkling light shining through the small window wakes up a new day, softening the cold of Da Lat in winter, causing the thin mist to fade away. Peaceful valleys with blooming petals, blowing into Da Lat in general and Sunshine homestay in particular, a peaceful beauty but also full of vitality.

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-4 The space here is a mixture of classic and modern features. The plaid window curtains, the beds with mosquito nets on them, or the corrugated iron roofs let in the rays of the sun in the morning and let the cold winds blow at night. The items in here are quite complete and comfortable, neatly and neatly arranged like a mother’s hand at home. Sunny homestay also provides bicycle and car rental services for you to visit in large groups. Especially, the garden here is also quite suitable for you to open a barbecue party, gather together to enjoy the food under the chilly weather in Da Lat. Room price:

Double room: 300,000 VND / 2 people / day
Superior room: 600,000 VND / 4 people / day
Triple bed: 700,000 VND / 6 people / day

3. Legumes

Address: 12A Bach Dang, Ward 7, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-5 One of the cheap homestays in Da Lat, with a beautiful view, is the next Legume Homestay. Legume easily fell the tourist “followers” by the fancy architecture by eye-catching hexagonal blocks with enough colors of blue, red, purple, yellow. Homestay has 10 rooms in all and includes bungalow rooms – providing basic amenities and facilities not far behind the resort. There are also other double rooms and dorm rooms.

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-6 From the outside, you will surely appreciate that the rooms here are quite narrow, but when entering, everyone will be surprised by the neat, clean, and tidy layout, which does not create the feeling of a room. bit crowded. The common living space of visitors is located outdoors with a beautiful small wooden table. Here, you can organize a BBQ party, chat and sing together. Room rates here are listed specifically, so don’t worry about increasing the price on holidays, Tet or weekends. Homestay has a beautiful view, reasonable price, so it is chosen by many people, please take advantage of booking a beautiful and convenient room for yourself lest you run out of room and bed! Room price:

Bungalow room for 2 people: 400,000 VND / room
Bungalow for 4 people: 600,000 VND / room
Dorm room: 100,000 VND / bed / person

4. Bamboo

Address: 149 A Vo Truong Toan, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-7 This is one of the famous homestays in Da Lat that you cannot ignore when you have the opportunity to come here. As the name suggests, the items in the house are made mainly from bamboo or wood, creating a rustic space, extremely close to nature and very “vintage”.

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-8 The first impression when coming here is the banana bushes, spicy green, rustic and classic fence like the entrance to the house of a peaceful and beloved village. You can unleash your “virtual life” at the wonderful secret garden with white roses and a wooden path of Bamboo. Inside the homestay also keeps a lot of recycled or classic objects and each room has a different layout, avoiding duplication and boring visitors if they have the opportunity to come back. Room price:

400,000 – 550,000 VND/private room
Dorm bed: 150,000 VND/person/day.

5. Home of Dreamers

Address: 2/35 Nam Ho Street, Ward 11, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-9 Home of dreamers definitely brings you wonderful experiences that few other Dalat homestays have. Waking up in the morning in a far away place, there is no longer the loud sound of trumpets in the city, but the mists spreading on the treetops, the birds singing to greet the new day with the cold will bring the unique flavor of Da Lat.

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-10 Homestay brings closeness and warmth to you thanks to the rustic and delicate decoration, beautiful small wooden items placed close to the shelves, more prominent are the special rooms designed by nylon. 3 layers of transparent glass, just lying in the room, you can gather all the natural beauty into your eyes without going far. In the evening, you can look up at the sky with thousands of twinkling stars and enjoy the warm rays that soothe the cold of Da Lat in the winter in the daytime. The walls of the room often take the main color turquoise to create a fresh, luxurious and gentle look. The room price here is considered to be quite “affordable” when compared to the quality of services that the homestay brings. Room price: Room for 2 people:

Sea Room: 350,000 VND/night, garden view
Room Ve: 350,000 VND/night, small attic, balcony view of
Room Tam: 400,000 NVD/night, large room, garden view
Room Soc: 500,000 VND/night, room Beautiful flower tiles, garden view (this room has its own toilet)
Room May: 420,000 VND/night, large attic room, garden view.
House of Wind Room: 550,000 VND/night, hill view on 4 sides, transparent room with 3 layers of thick canvas, with small patio overlooking the garden Chalet
room: 600,000 VND/night, hill view, patio, lovely table and chairs to watch mountains and hills, the house is built entirely of wood

These rooms all have shared toilets, except for Soc room. Quadruple room

Rabbit and Smile Room: 500,000 VND/night, with balcony front and back, suitable for family or group, private bathroom
Leaf Room: 550,000 VND/night, family attic, window overlooking the balcony 2nd floor building, common toilet.

Dormitory room

Dorm Vui Room: 120,000 VND/person/night, bunk bed, maximum 6 people, garden view, located in the garden in the middle of the house, with its own toilet.
Dorm Go: 100,000 VND/person/night, bed, maximum 8 adults, maybe 10 if there are children.

6. Shelter

Address: 1/10 An Son, Ward 4, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-11 One of the cheap homestays in Da Lat with a beautiful view of “quality” must be mentioned is Shelter homestay. About 2km from Da Lat city center, neatly located on a small slope, nestled in the middle of a valley full of weeds, this “noble house” constantly attracts tourists to come here to check-in and experience. .

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-12 This is an attic homestay, Shelter is designed in a nostalgic, classic style, mixed with a bit of “dust”, personality amidst a foggy mountain space. In addition, there are beautiful small tents lying in the middle of the rose garden, placed on a wooden floor, a mattress, a classic bedside cabinet, when the night comes, drop the curtain, yellow light. Warmth covers the whole tent, very suitable as a romantic space for couples or a quiet space for you to read and chat. Room rate: (breakfast included)

Single room: 200,000 VND/person/day
Dorm room: 150,000 VND/person/night

7. Neighborhood during the subsidy period

Address: 36/09 Trieu Viet Vuong, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-13 “My grandparents loved each other when there was no television

My grandparents loved each other before they had a car.”

The name tell everythings. Somewhere, there are rustic lyrics when entering the space of Xom inn during the Homestay subsidy period. Life is busy with too much pressure, sometimes making people tired and temporarily forgetting the pressures of the present. Find peace, ancient spaces, places to get rid of the hustle and bustle.

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat with the best view 2019-14 Classical items such as televisions, motorbikes, and shopping counters of the early 1980s will recreate the activities of the “old days” that grandparents often told their children and grandchildren through stories. In the common area, the homestay has a sign saying “There is no Wifi here, let’s talk like 1982”, as a reminder to put down your phone, forget all the worries out there to immerse yourself. into this nostalgic space, at this moment. Leaving the village in the subsidy period, somewhere in everyone’s memory, there are still glimmers of nostalgia and problems. Room price:

Single room: 160,000 VND/person
Dorm room: 80,000 VND/person

8. Le Bleu

Address: Ly Tu Trong Street, Ward 2, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-15 Le Bleu translates in French as blue. Therefore, Le Bleu homestay is really a peaceful and quiet green land, very suitable for those who want to relax. A day at Le Bleu begins with an open morning, you can plant trees, water flowers or read books all day.

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-16 The main color tone at the homestay is blue and white, creating a delicate and lovely feature for each room. The space and layout of the items here is like forming a small studio, you and your family can take pictures as much as you like! Room rate:

Option 1: 700,000 VND/ 4 people renting the whole apartment: 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 fully equipped kitchen, 1 toilet and garden. Housing for up to 6 people, from the 5th person, the fee is 7 USD/person/day.
Option 2: 400,000 VND/ 2 people, sharing common living space. Stay up to 4 people, from the 3rd person is 7USD/person/day

9. Waiting for Someone

Address: Khoi Nghia Bac Son, Ward 10, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-17

Waiting for a homestay is located in a peaceful tiny alley, less hustle and bustle like the town outside. Homestay is named after a book. Even the music that is played carries a feeling of anxiety and melodiousness resounding in the middle of an idyllic space.

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-18 Surely the owner of the homestay is a person with a romantic soul, who loves and cherishes small and beautiful things, so he can breathe a very strange soul here. The space is rustic, the outside is still wood, the trees are green, inside the room is a peaceful little corner for you to relax, read a book and find a piece of Dalat for yourself.

Group 1-2 people: 450,000 VND/room
Group 2-4 people: 550,000 VND/room

Private Room

Maximum 4 people: 750,000 VND

Wooden attic

Group of 1-2 people: 800,000 VND
Group of 3-4 people: 1,200,000 VND
Group of 5-6 people: 1,500,000 VND

10. Blue Sun

Address: Da Chien Hill, Hung Vuong, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-19 There are many cheap homestays in Da Lat, with beautiful views, among them must mention the Sunny Green homestay. From the homestay, you can easily move to Yersin Park, Xuan Huong Lake, Lam Vien Square or Truc Lam Zen Monastery within 3 to 6km. Nestled in the center of Da Lat city, from Nang Xanh homestay, it is easy to go to visit other tourist attractions.

Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat, the best view 2019-20 The rooms here are decorated in different styles, each with its own very clean toilet. The biggest plus point here is the beautiful view. From here, you can zoom out to see the whole city of Da Lat and freely “take pictures” of all kinds to keep your own photos. Currently, Green Sunshine is a familiar destination for tourists. Room rates: 

200,000 – 700,000 VND/room

Traveling, everyone wants to have a comfortable and natural feeling like at home, but besides that, it is also indispensable for comfort and good quality service. Away from the hustle and bustle, looking for peaceful resorts to relax the mind and soul, homestay is increasingly becoming a special type of accommodation for those who love the rustic, pure, special. especially the “fans”. Above are the Top 10 cheap homestays in Da Lat with beautiful views that GTOP would like to introduce to you. Wish you have a nice trip!

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