Traveling to Hai Phong 1 day is short, but still satisfies the discovery experiences of the travel enthusiasts. So where could that journey go? Eat what? Explore below.

When is the right time to go to Hai Phong for 1 day?

Hai Phong is only less than 120km from Hanoi, the distance is short and convenient, so you don’t need to hesitate, you can come at any suitable time. And if to choose the best time to go to Hai Phong 1 day, you can see suggestions such as:

– On weekends, travel to relieve stress after a stressful working week without moving too far. In the morning, you can still go to many places and eat many delicious dishes in this city.

– Summer time: go to the beach and enjoy many fun activities on the beach.

– At the beginning of the year, many special festivals take place in Hai Phong, from June to August of the lunar calendar is the time when the famous buffalo fighting festival takes place.

Hai Phong 1 day tour: means of transportation

Transportation to Hai Phong

– Bus: this is a popular means of transport chosen by many people because there are many departures from early in the morning and returning late in the afternoon but the price is also quite cheap. You can catch a bus to Hai Phong at Gia Lam, Luong Yen, and Nuoc Ngam wharves with the following bus operators:

Hoang Long bus: Luong Yen bus station – Tam Bac bus station. The first train departs at 4:50 and the last train departs at 21:00. Ticket price is 250,000 VND/person.
Hai Au bus: Gia Lam bus station – Niem Nghia bus station, there will be 1 trip every 1 hour.
Anh Huy Dat Cang bus: the earliest trip at 5:00 am departing from Yen Nghia bus station. Ticket price: 80,000 VND/ticket/person.


Photo: @mototrip


– Train: this is also an interesting transportation option. Sitting on the train can admire the scenery on both sides, you can go to the nearest station to ask to buy a train ticket to Hai Phong. Ticket price is from 60,000 VND to 85,000 VND/person depending on the type of seat.

Motorbike: For those who love to explore, traveling to Hai Phong by motorbike is still the most reasonable choice. The journey is not far to go by motorbike by yourself, and when you come to Hai Phong, you can freely explore every corner without having to depend and it’s cheap.


Photo: @leooninee


Means of transport in Hai Phong

Taxi: Although the cost of taxis is more expensive than self-sufficient vehicles, it is quite reasonable if traveling for short distances or traveling in groups. Especially for those of you who are not used to finding the way, easy to get lost. Some taxi companies in Hai Phong:

Dat Cang Taxi – Tel: 0225.3.736.736 – 031.3.567.567
En Vang Taxi – Tel: 0225.3.777.999
Do Son Taxi – Tel: 0225.3.864,864
Hai Phong Taxi – Tel: 0225. –


Photo: @kenhhomestay


– Bus: actually traveling to Hai Phong 1 day to explore around the city, traveling by bus is not too inconvenient or troublesome. You can research in advance or ask the bus staff about routes that will pass through where you want to go.

– Rent a motorbike: as mentioned above, traveling by motorbike has a lot of advantages both in terms of time and proactive schedule, cheap. So, if you don’t travel by motorbike, you can still find a rental place to go here. Some reputable motorbike rental addresses you can go to:

Rent motorbike Hai Phong – 88 Le Loi, May To, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong. The rental price is from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND/day.
An An motorbike for rent – 1 Le Lai, May To, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong. Rental price from: 80,000 VND – 140,000 VND/day.
Anh Viet motorbike rental – No. 9/5 Hai Xa Temple, Du Hang, Le Chan, Hai Phong. Rental price from: 80,000 VND – 140,000 VND/day.


Photo: @criss.tran.169


Hai Phong tourism where to go in 1 day?

– Hai Phong Opera House: a famous architectural icon with similarities with the Hanoi Opera House. The majestic beauty of European style is massive and outstanding. In front, there is a flower garden, a fountain is a famous check-in place that tourists often visit.


Photo: @bennnn_


– Visit Do market: also known as Tam Bac market, an interesting place for you to come and learn about the culture of the people here. The market sells mainly fruits and agricultural products, you can come to buy and try.

Check in Tuyet Tinh Coc: The lake surface is clear blue, reflecting the shadow of the rocky mountains, the blue sky and white clouds create a picturesque scene. Located in An Son district, Thuy Nguyen, this place has a peaceful and quiet atmosphere that is very suitable for relaxing and checking in with extremely artistic photos.


Photo: @_.trongsky._


Do Son beach is one of the most famous beaches in our country. It is not too far from the city center to move to this beach. The beach is divided into 3 areas with beautiful beaches, clean, smooth white sand. Traveling to Hai Phong 1 day self-sufficient come here to relax and have fun.


Photo: @hyunchengg_218


– Visit Hai Phong museum: a unique architectural work located on Dien Bien Phu street bearing the famous Gothic mark of Europe. Visiting the museum, you can not only check in but also admire the collection of documents, artifacts and history and culture of the people of the Port.


Photo: @y_u_y_i_n_g241


What to eat when you have a day in Hai Phong?

– Spicy bread: Referring to the famous dish here, it is also impossible to ignore this delicious “armpit” spicy bread stick. Bread sticks here are crispy, fragrant and fatty of genuine pate. Bread dipped with chili sauce in Hai Phong is delicious and hard to resist. Remember to buy a little to take home gradually or as a gift.

Delicious restaurant: 57 Le Loi, Ngo Quyen.


Photo: @nguyentientthanh_93


– Crab cake: one of Hai Phong specialties famous throughout the country. On the way to visit, stop to enjoy a bowl of hot crab cakes with many toppings to satisfy your cravings. Especially in winter, it will make your body feel much warmer.

Suggested delicious places to eat: crab cake shop at 26 Ky Dong, Hong Bang.


Photo: @_imsecret.12


– Banh Beo, Banh Beo: a rustic dish containing many memories of the people of the city of Red Phoenix. One-day Hai Phong travel experience, walking around the markets or alleys on Lach Tray Street, you will encounter simple shops that sell these delicious dishes. Sneak in now to savor your cravings.


Photo: @hanh.luonghongg


– Coconut beams: in addition to crab cakes, coconut beams are also loved by many people, especially young people. The cool coconut pickle dish has enough coconut jelly, grated coconut, coconut milk, etc. to eat until it’s sweet and cool, go to the opposite 118 Lach Tray to try it.

– Crab spring rolls: the square spring rolls are deep-fried with a filling filled with crab meat, mushrooms, meat, etc., which has made many people fascinated when enjoying. Crab spring rolls eaten with raw vegetables, vermicelli with sweet and sour fish sauce are unforgettable.

Famous restaurant: Old Lady – 179 Cau Dat.


Photo: @spektor_k


Seafood: Being a coastal city, seafood is a dish that is hard to miss. The dishes made from shrimp, crab, snail, surface, oyster, … are deliciously prepared to your liking.

Some delicious places to eat: Thuy Duong snail – 30/263 Lach Tray, 17 Dinh Dong snail shop, Cau Rao market snail shop, Dang Kim No snail shop, …


Photo: @foodyhaiphong


>>> See more: List of 6 delicious snail restaurants in Hai Phong that make people ‘fascinated’


Suggested itinerary to explore Hai Phong 1 day

– Morning: depart for Hai Phong from Hanoi, time takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. Come to Hai Phong to enjoy a bowl of crab cakes before starting a long day to explore the port city.

Visit the Opera House – the symbol of the city and check in as a souvenir.
Visit some of the streets: Chinatown, Dien Bien Phu, Da Nang, …
See the famous bridges crossing the river, the check-in place is loved by many young people, especially every summer. Red phoenix flowers bloom brilliantly, highlighting an entire sky.


Photo: @ador.vn


– Noon: have lunch and take advantage of rest before continuing to visit.

– Afternoon: visit Bao Dai villa area located on the romantic Vung hill and then go to Do Son to swim and have fun. Watch the sunset on Binh bridge


Photo: @warm.hands94


The cost of traveling to Hai Phong 1 day

The cost of 1 day travel in Hai Phong is relatively cheap, some suggested expenses for your reference:

Travel expenses: from 200,000 VND to 350,000 VND/person.

– Food costs: 130,000 VND – 250,000 VND/person.

The cost of visiting the museum: 5,000 VND/person.

>>> Total cost from: 335,000 VND – 605,000 VND/person.


Photo: @toc.hue


Some other notes when going to Hai Phong

– If you go by personal vehicle, you can take the initiative in time and go back later. But if you go by bus or train, remember to return on time so you don’t miss your flight.

– Prepare enough carry-on equipment, but bring only the necessary things to avoid having to carry around.

– Monitor the weather forecast for the time you will go so that you can bring appropriate clothes or have other plans if the weather is bad.


Photo: @daria.volicky



Traveling to Hai Phong 1 day, a little time for you to spend on activities to explore the port city. However, with interesting destinations, delicious food and friendly people, this is definitely still a desirable trip that you should experience.

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