Speaking of Quy Nhon tourism , we will immediately think of a beautiful coastal city, with enchanting natural landscapes and long-standing historical sites. If you are intending to explore what is known as “Binh Dinh’s Jeju Island” in the near future, do not forget to pocket the very useful Quy Nhon travel experiences below.

A brief introduction about Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is a beautiful city located along the central coast and is considered the economic, cultural and political center of Binh Dinh province. Quy Nhon city is located in the Southeast of the province, bordering the East Sea to the East, Tuy Phuoc district to the West, Phu Cat district to the North and Song Cau town of Phu Yen province to the South. The total area of ​​Quy Nhon is about 300 square kilometers with a population of more than 450 thousand people.

Quy Nhon is a beautiful coastal city of the Central region. Photo: PYStravel
Quy Nhon captivates visitors by its unspoiled and peaceful natural scenery. Photo: Vnexpress

Quy Nhon is likened to a beach tourism paradise of the central strip of land, with a coastline of up to 72 km. Hundreds of years ago, this place was the living place of the ancient Champa ethnic group. That is the reason when traveling to Quy Nhon Binh Dinh , besides swimming, discovering beautiful natural landscapes, you also have the opportunity to learn about the rich Champa culture.

Quy Nhon travel experience - check in the beautiful wooden bridge
Quy Nhon is likened to a paradise destination for beach lovers. Photo: Quynhontrip

What time of year should you travel to Quy Nhon?

The weather in Quy Nhon is divided into two distinct seasons of the year, the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season usually lasts from March to September and the dry season lasts from September to February of the following year. From time to time, Quy Nhon puts on a different beauty, making every visitor fall in love.

Quy Nhon travel experience - check in the rocky beach
The weather in Quy Nhon is divided into two seasons of the year. Photo: nucuoimekong

According to Quy Nhon travel experience , the dry season from March to September is considered the most ideal time to explore this city. The average temperature in the dry season is only about 32-35 degrees Celsius, it rarely rains, so it is very convenient for visitors to have fun and explore Quy Nhon.

Quy Nhon travel experience - check in by the beach
You should come to Quy Nhon in the dry season. Photo: Tourculaoxanh

In the rainy season, especially from about September to November, in Quy Nhon there are often storms or monsoons. For those who like to travel to the sea, this is not the ideal time. However, the rainy season is also the time when the price of motels and hotels in Quy Nhon will decrease, which will definitely help you save a lot of money.

Quy Nhon travel experience: How to move

Go by plane

Airplanes are considered the fastest, safest and most convenient means of transport you can choose to travel to Quy Nhon . Popular airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet, Jetstar or Bamboo all operate routes from Hanoi or Saigon to Quy Nhon. The plane will land at Phu Cat airport located about 30 km from the city center. You can take a taxi, motorbike taxi or bus to get into the city.

Quy Nhon travel experience - check in Quy Nhon Airport
Quy Nhon Airport. Photo: Cattour

By bus

Quy Nhon is located more than 1000 km from Hanoi capital and about 650 km from Saigon. In both regions, there are bus trips to Quy Nhon every day. According to cheap Quy Nhon travel experience , some reputable car companies you can choose from such as: Phuong Trang bus, Thuan Hai car, Mai Linh car, Hoang Long car, etc.

Go by train

According to the experience of traveling to Quy Nhon for 1 day , the train is also a means of transport chosen by many tourists when they want to move to this city. From Hanoi, you can take trains SE1, 3, 5, 7, 9 from Hanoi station to Dieu Tri station, about 15 km from Quy Nhon city center.

For visitors from Saigon, there is a choice of trains SE, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 22 stopping at Dieu Tri station or SQN2 train stopping at Quy Nhon station.

Experience of traveling to Quy Nhon by train
Travel to Quy Nhon by train. Photo: Kenh 14

Travel experience in Quy Nhon

After arriving in Quy Nhon city, visitors also have many options to travel between attractions, here are a few suggestions:

– Rent a motorbike: As a tourist city, renting a motorbike in Quy Nhon is not too difficult. According to Quy Nhon travel experience , the average car rental price is from 120,000 VND – 180,000 VND depending on the car or scooter and does not include gas.

Car rental address:

+ Mr. Truong: No. 6 Nguyen Nhac, Quy Nhon. Tel: 0934.943.902

+ Hoai Bao: 27A Hoang Hoa Tham, Quy Nhon. Tel: 0935. 212,589.

+ Empty Motorbike: 278/3 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Le Hong Phong, Quy Nhon city. Tel: 0933 544 422.

Taxi: Taxi network in Quy Nhon is also very developed. For groups of people and families with the elderly or young children, taxis are an optimal means of transport. There are many different companies such as Mai Linh Taxi, Sun Taxi, Quy Nhon Taxi… with prices ranging from 13,000VND – 16,000VND/km.

– Renting a tram: Although it is new, this is still the choice of many tourists because of its convenience to visit. There are companies such as Sun Taxi and Quy Nhon tram which are currently operating for about 250,000VND/trip with a distance of 10km.

motorbike rental experience when traveling to Quy Nhon
Rent a motorbike to visit Quy Nhon easily and conveniently

Where to stay when traveling to Quy Nhon?

In the area of ​​Quy Nhon city, there are more than 200 hotels and motels with the number of about 5000 rooms, enough to serve a large number of tourists. According to Quy Nhon travel experience , here are some quality accommodation places you can choose for your upcoming trip.

Quy Nhon travel experience - Check in Quy Nhon resort
Check in resort Quy Nhon. Photo: Bookingquynhon

Some beautiful resorts in Quy Nhon are loved by many tourists:

Crown Retreat Quy Nhon Resort

Address: Trung Luong Hamlet, 1 Tel 640, Cat Tien, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh

AVANI Quy Nhon Resort & Spa

Address: Long Beach, Ghenh Rang, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh

FLC Quy Nhon Luxury Resort

Address: Zone 4, Nhon Ly – Cat Tien Beach, Nhon Ly Commune, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh

Casa Marina Resort Quy Nhon

Address: National Highway 1D, Quarter 1, Bai Xep, Ghenh Rang Ward, Area 1, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh

Suggest some budget hotels for cheap and economical Quy Nhon travel:

Mira Hotel Quy Nhon

Address: 11A Ngo May, Nguyen Van Cu Ward, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province

The Cactus Hotel

Address: 254 Nguyen Thi Dinh, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh

An Ngan Phu Hotel

Address: 186 Dien Hong, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh

Delight Hotel

Address: 07 Le Loi, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh

Famous Quy Nhon tourist destinations that must be discovered

Waist Wind

Speaking of famous tourist destinations in Quy Nhon , surely the first name to mention is Eo Gio. This is a beautiful place located in Nhon Ly commune, about 20 km from Quy Nhon city center.

Quy Nhon travel experience - Check in Eo Gio
Eo Gio is a check-in point that cannot be missed when coming to Quy Nhon. Photo: Quynhonland

Eo Gio Quy Nhon possesses a wild and romantic beauty, making anyone who comes to be surprised. The majestic limestone rocks lying winding on the beach, combined with the long terraced path as far as the eye can see, create a super quality virtual living background for visitors.

Quy Nhon travel experience - Check in Eo Gio
The beauty of Eo Gio makes you admire. Photo: cattour

Ky Co Island

According to experience when traveling to Quy Nhon , you should not miss the opportunity to explore Ky Co island. This is considered one of the most beautiful islands of Binh Dinh province, located in Nhon Ly commune, right near Eo Gio. Ky Co Island captivates visitors by a peaceful, unspoiled scene and a fresh, cool and pleasant atmosphere.

Quy Nhon travel experience - Discover Ky Co island
Explore Ky Co island. Photo: Checkinquynhon

One of the things that attracts visitors to Ky Co is the color of the sea. The sea here is divided into two distinct colors. If the area near the water is clear blue, the farther from the shore, the water turns dark blue, creating an extremely unique and impressive scene.

Quy Nhon travel experience - Discover Ky Co island
Admire the ecstatic beauty of Ky Co Island. Photo: Checkinquynhon

Hon Kho Island

According to Quy Nhon travel experience , another island that also contains a lot of interesting things you should discover is Hon Kho island, located in Hai Dong village, Nhon Hai commune, far from Quy Nhon city center about 16 km.

Quy Nhon travel experience - Discover Quy Nhon Island
Hon Kho Island Quy Nhon. Photo: dulichchat

Like many other islands in Quy Nhon, Hon Kho owns a beautiful wild and peaceful setting with clear blue sea water and fine white sand. The island is almost uninhabited. So when you come here, you will really be immersed in nature, away from all the noise in the city to enjoy moments of true rest and relaxation.

>> Details: 3 beautiful islands in Quy Nhon for an exciting ‘summer cooling’ trip

Phuong Mai Sand Dunes

Binh Dinh is known as the land of sun, wind and sand. This place not only has beautiful pristine beaches but also owns a smooth sand hill, stretching like a silk strip, which is Phuong Mai sand hill. This famous tourist destination in Quy Nhon is located on Phuong Mai peninsula, about 20 km from the city center.

Quy Nhon travel experience - Discover Phuong Mai Sand Dunes
Phuong Mai Sand Dunes. Photo: Halotravel

Phuong Mai sand dune is considered one of the most beautiful sand dunes in the central region. This place has sand dunes from a few tens of meters to hundreds of meters. Standing in the middle of the sand dunes, you will feel how small you are. Experience Quy Nhon travel 4 days 3 nights , explore Phuong Mai sand dunes, you can not only check in virtual life but also experience many interesting fun activities such as: sand skiing, moto riding on the sand, …

Quy Nhon travel experience - Discover Phuong Mai Sand Dunes
This is considered one of the most beautiful sand dunes in the central region. Photo: Quynhonland

Trung Luong picnic area

Trung Luong picnic area is also considered a destination you should not miss in the upcoming self-sufficient Quy Nhon trip. This place is located right on the poetic and lyrical coast, about 25 km from the city center.

Quy Nhon travel experience - check in Trung Luong Picnic Area
Trung Luong picnic area. Photo: outdoorviet

Trung Luong picnic area is open from 8 am to 8 pm every day of the week. Coming here, you will experience many interesting activities such as camping, swimming, organizing BBQ parties by the beach, ….

=> Detailed suggestion: Beautiful check-in place in Quy Nhon you should not miss

Zoo Zoo Safari Park

Zoo Safari Park is a large wildlife park invested and built by FLC Group and officially opened in March 2017. With an area of ​​about 130 hectares, this place is currently nurturing and conserving about 900 animals, including many rare species such as deer, black swan, etc.

Quy Nhon travel experience - Check in Zoo Zoo Safari Park
Check in Zoo Safari Park Zoo. Photo: chudu24

Coming to Zoo Safari Park , besides seeing wild animals with your own eyes, you also have the opportunity to participate in many other activities such as boating, biking, taking pictures with animals, etc.

Quy Nhon specialties visitors should enjoy

Quy Nhon not only attracts people by its pristine beaches full of sunshine but also makes visitors fall in love with its unique cuisine. According to the experience of traveling to Quy Nhon 2 days 1 night , here are the famous specialties you must definitely enjoy when you arrive in this city.

Jumping shrimp pancakes

Jumping shrimp pancake is a famous Quy Nhon specialty dish  , loved by many tourists. The reason this dish has such a unique name is because when processing, people only use the best fresh shrimp, still jumping and just caught. Along with a separate cake recipe, Quy Nhon jumping shrimp pancake gives diners a different taste compared to pancakes in many regions across the country.

Quy Nhon travel experience - enjoy jumping shrimp pancakes
Jumping shrimp pancakes. Photo: kenhhomestay

Address to eat Quy Nhon jumping shrimp pancakes:

  • Gia Vy dancing shrimp pancakes – 19 Dien Hong, Quy Nhon city.
  • Ray sprout restaurant 91 Dong Da

Price: 15,000 VND – 35,000 VND/person.

Cake asking for pork heart

The cake and pork belly seem to be two dishes that have nothing to do with each other. But with an ingenious combination, the people of Quy Nhon can create an irresistible delicious dish. Looking at the plate of fragrant white rice cake with the fatty pork intestines arranged neatly on the plate, you just want to enjoy it right away. According to Quy Nhon travel experience 3 days 2 nights , you can enjoy pork belly cake at many places, from popular eateries to luxury restaurants.

Experience of traveling to Quy Nhon - enjoy the cake asked for the pig's heart
Pork belly cake. Photo: inhat

Address to enjoy pork belly cake:

  • Hong Thanh restaurant: 22 Phan Boi Chau, Quy Nhon
  • Man’s pork belly cake: 76A Tran Phu, Quy Nhon
  • Pancakes asking for porridge in the heart of Dien Hong: 145 Dien Hong, Quy Nhon

Price: 20,000 VND – 35,000 VND.

Quy Nhon fish noodle soup

Another delicious Quy Nhon dish that is also quite famous you should not miss is fish noodles. This dish is still considered as the “soul” of Quy Nhon cuisine.

Quy Nhon travel experience - enjoy Quy Nhon fish noodle soup
Quy Nhon fish noodle soup. Photo: hiquynhon

Quy Nhon fish noodle soup has a rather sophisticated way of processing. From the stage of making vermicelli, making fish cakes to simmering the broth, all must be done in an extremely skillful and meticulous way. Enjoying a bowl of fish noodles, you will feel all kinds of sweet and sour flavors. All combine harmoniously to create a famous specialty dish, making every diners flutter.

Address to eat fish noodles in Quy Nhon:

  • Ngoc Lien fish noodle soup: 379 Nguyen Hue, City. Quy Nhon
  • Phuong Teo fish noodle soup: 209 – 211 Nguyen Hue, Tran Phu Ward, City. Quy Nhon
  • Ho Thi fish noodle soup: 279 Tran Hung Dao, City. Quy Nhon

Price: 30,000VND – 40,000VND

Banh beo

In the list of the most famous Quy Nhon specialties , it is definitely indispensable for banh beo. The cakes are neatly placed inside the pretty little cup. Above the white cake are green onions, peanuts, and shrimp. All create a dish that is not only delicious in taste but also extremely eye-catching. What could be more wonderful than enjoying a hot banh beo with a bowl of sweet and sour dipping sauce? Everything seems to melt in the mouth, how does it stimulate the taste buds.

Quy Nhon travel experience - enjoy Banh Beo
The cute little pancakes are very attractive. Photo: Quynhonland

Address to eat Quy Nhon beo cake:

  • Banh beo plum tree: 742 Tran Hung Dao
  • Banh Beo Ba Xe Quy Nhon: 50/22C Nguyen Thai Hoc
  • Banh beo Tran Thi Ky: 35 Tran Thi Ky
  • Kim Dinh beo cake – 20 Nguyen Hue

Price: 2-3k/cup.

What do Quy Nhon tourism buy as a gift?

Nem chua district market

According to Quy Nhon travel experience , if you are still wondering what to buy as a gift, then Nem chua district market is a great suggestion for you. Nem chua is a popular dish and is available in many regions. However, when enjoying spring rolls in Quy Nhon district market, you will feel a completely different taste.

Quy Nhon travel experience - enjoy Nem chua district market
Nem chua district market is delicious and famous. Photo: chudu24

The main ingredient for making spring rolls is still lean meat. However, the outside will be wrapped with fermented guava leaves along with banana leaves. So when enjoying, you will feel the extremely special guava leaf flavor.

Dried seaweed

One of the  specialties of Quy Nhon bought as a gift that many tourists choose is dried seaweed. Quy Nhon is endowed by nature with an extremely delicious source of seaweed that is not inferior to the land of kimchi.

Quy Nhon travel experience - enjoy dried seaweed
Dried seaweed. Photo: 5giay

Seaweed is a food that is not only delicious but also contains many nutrients that are very good for health. You can easily buy dried seaweed at any market in Quy Nhon at an extremely affordable price.

Pink cake

Pink cake is a famous Quy Nhon specialty originating from Tam Quan, which is considered the coconut land of Binh Dinh province. Despite the name pink cake, this cake is actually white. Biting the pink cake, you will feel the toughness of the outer shell, along with the crispy coconut filling that is extremely attractive.

Quy Nhon travel experience - enjoy Pink Cake
Quy Nhon pink cake specialty. Photo: chudu24

Squid with chili sauce

Quy Nhon not only has fresh seafood dishes, but also dried, processed and canned seafood such as squid and chili peppers are also chosen by many tourists to buy as gifts.

Quy Nhon travel experience - enjoy Squid with chili sauce
Squid with chili sauce. Photo: Foody


Squid after going through the drying process will be marinated with many spices such as malt, chili, garlic, sugar, etc. The spicy and sweet taste of this dish makes you fall in love from the first bite.

Green bean iced wine

If you are looking for a specialty of Quy Nhon to buy as a gift to give to men, stone wine will definitely be the ideal choice.

Quy Nhon travel experience - enjoy green bean iced wine
Green bean iced wine. Photo: dacsanquynhon

Bau Da wine is cooked according to the traditional method from premium brown rice and a special water source only available in Cu Lam village, Binh Dinh province. Although the alcohol concentration is up to 50 degrees, when you drink it, you still feel cool, refreshing and pleasant.

Suggested Quy Nhon travel itinerary 3 days 2 nights

Depending on the time budget you have, as well as the expected destinations, you schedule a reasonable Quy Nhon trip. However, to have a complete trip, a 3 day 2 night itinerary is ideal, here are suggestions from those with experience in Quy Nhon travel :

Day 1: Quy Nhon City tour: swimming, walking and enjoying food in the city. If you still have time, you can visit Ghenh Rang – Tien Sa tourist area, only about 3km from the city.

Day 2: Sightseeing, swimming, checking in famous destinations such as Ky Co, Eo Gio, Hon Kho.

Day 3: Explore and have fun on Cat Phuong Mai and Cu Lao Xanh hills.

Quy Nhon travel experience 3 days 2 nights
Recommended itinerary for Quy Nhon 3 days 2 nights

Ask and answer some questions when traveling to Quy Nhon

How to buy cheap flight tickets to Quy Nhon?

You should plan to go to Quy Nhon early to book flight tickets a few months in advance to take advantage of the airline’s promotions as well as ensure tickets at the ideal flight times. For example, if you want to go to Quy Nhon from March to September, you should buy tickets from the New Year.

What to prepare when traveling to Quy Nhon?

Traveling to the beach is of course indispensable for photo shoots and bikinis. In addition, sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, flip flops… are indispensable. Always remember to apply sunscreen before leaving the room. And bring your smartphone, camera and power bank to take lots of great photos.

What to note when booking Quy Nhon tour?

Since there are many cheap tours on the market with different times and different services, you should consider carefully to suit your habits and desires. In addition, if you want to visit and have fun on your own, there are also combos sold that only include flight tickets and hotel rooms.

Is the cost of traveling to Quy Nhon expensive?

Depending on your schedule, accommodation, spending level… the cost of the trip varies. According to cheap Quy Nhon travel experience , usually, a trip to Quy Nhon 3 days 2 nights will cost about 3,500,000 VND – 4,500,000 VND; Airfare is not included.

Prepare things when traveling to Quy Nhon
The indispensable beachwear when preparing to go to Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon tourism always gives us great experiences. Above is the full set of Quy Nhon travel experiences from a to z that Vietnam Tourism wants to send to visitors. It will definitely be useful luggage to help you comfortably enjoy an enjoyable and memorable trip. Do not forget to follow the latest Quy Nhon Binh Dinh tourism news 

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