40 lovely and meaningful birthday gifts for boyfriend

40 lovely and meaningful birthday gifts for boyfriend

Buying a boyfriend’s birthday gift is easy but difficult. The world of men’s gadgets is simple, but buying the right birthday gift for him really takes a lot of time. Unlike women who have a preference for beauty tools such as cosmetics and lipstick, men love technological items or highly applicable fashion items such as watches and crossbody bags. With a list of 40 birthday gift suggestions for male boyfriends, the most updated women at home no longer have to worry when his birthday approaches every year! 40 lovely and meaningful birthday gifts for boyfriend

1. Shirt birthday gifts for office men


men's shirt gifts


Boys always look more “attractive” when wearing a shirt. What’s better than hand-picking a shirt for your lover as a birthday gift. Men’s printed shirts, denim, checkered, or plain shirts are all clothes he can wear to work as well as when going out with friends.

2. Gift T-shirt for a birthday couple with him


couple t-shirt gift


A lovely way for the two of you to create intimacy is by wearing a couple t-shirt. High quality cotton spandex material, sweat absorption, the price is not too expensive, you can completely buy it for him and yourself on other occasions such as celebrating love day. Wearing a T-shirt with jeans and sneakers , you two will look really good together.

3. Sports shirt – Birthday gift for the guy who loves sports


sports shirt gift


This is an item that guys really like, but girls rarely notice. Guys love sports shirts because they have advanced fabric technology to effectively absorb sweat, and have a modern design that makes them comfortable to wear all day. And if your lover plays sports or works out in the gym, then Nike gym shirts, adidas player shirts… are items you can’t ignore.

4. Jeans, khaki pants as a gift for your lover


jeans gift


Boyfriend gifts can also be as simple as choosing a pair of dynamic jeans or elegant khaki pants for him to choose from in office attire. You should pay attention to your body shape and know your boyfriend’s figure to buy the correct size.

5. Men’s swim trunks birthday gift for a boyfriend who likes to swim


gifts for men's swimwear


Boys often don’t pay attention to buy a “nice” swimsuit when going to the beach or swimming in the lake. Become a sophisticated girlfriend when choosing for him masculine and beautiful swimming trunks for him to confidently show off his body. Swimsuits for beach wear from Just Cavalli, Frescobol Carioca, or Macchia J… with high quality and beautiful design will help him look attractive in the sun.

6. Vest as a birthday gift for men

Young men are often “easy” with their vests. It’s not difficult to choose a vest as a birthday gift for your boyfriend because stores now sell ready-made vests in fairly standard sizes.

7. Elegant tie as a birthday gift for him


tie gift


Choosing a tie as a birthday gift for your boyfriend is not strange, but it is still a pretty effective gift in any case. Choose a plain tie if he likes simplicity, a small polka dot tie to accentuate the outfit, or a slanted striped tie if your boyfriend is a gentleman over 30.

8. Giving a belt as a birthday gift


birthday gift belt for boyfriend


Men’s belts are focused on by men because it acts as a fashion accessory that affirms his social position. Leather belt accessories will never be superfluous for men. Or you can also refer to the belt if he loves the vintage style of the 70s.

9. Businessman’s signature pen as a unique birthday gift


birthday gift for male pen sign


Pen is not only a “writing tool” but it is also a product that shows class and social status. Parker pens, Montblanc … with luxurious design are gifts for boyfriends to show that you appreciate and understand the importance of his work.

10. Gift for boyfriend laptop backpack

Whether your lover is a student or an office worker, a laptop backpack is a highly practical item for him. Maybe he doesn’t care that his backpack is worn out, so birthdays are an opportunity for you to show how much you care for him. Choose to buy laptop backpacks from domestic and foreign brands such as SimpleCarry, Herschel or The North Face with prices ranging from VND 300,000 to VND 5 million.

11. Crossbody bag


crossbody bag boyfriend birthday gift


In addition to backpacks, crossbody bags are also an item you can consider when choosing a boyfriend’s birthday gift. Diverse with materials, designs, colors, flexibility combined with many styles, you will save time and money when buying gifts.

12. Leather wallet


Men's leather wallet gifts


Do you think it’s time for your lover to change to a new leather wallet? Then the simple double fold leather wallets will be loved by the guys the most. Men ‘s cowhide wallets from Lata, Diesel, or high-end like Montblanc help him neatly organize bank cards and business cards.

13. Hats


hats and hats boyfriend gift


Not as sophisticated as women with wide-brimmed hats or sedge hats that match each outfit, men sometimes simply need a cap to protect against the sun. Give him an adidas, Nike cap with durability and a sporty look, he’s sure to love it.

14. Scarves


shawl birthday gift


For girls whose lover is far away from a cold country, a scarf is the most romantic gift of all. The checkered, plain men’s shawls with sizes over 1m5 make it easy to style. Especially if you want to have a beautiful frame with him like Winter Sonata, then choose a solid color scarf with bold colors such as red, green, navy blue … to increase the highlight.

15. Gloves


glove boyfriend gift


No need for a lover to be a backpacker, take the initiative to buy him a pair of protective gloves that are a safe accessory for the trip. Or simply wool gloves if you and the guy intend to go together to places with cold climates like Dalat tourism.

16. Slippers


Slippers birthday gift


Lazy shoes, also known as shoes, are shoes that both women and men can own a pair, with the style and design of this shoe line being endless in ideas. What are you waiting for, why don’t you immediately choose for your lover a pair of lazy shoes with a variety of prices from 100 thousand or more.

17. Clocks


men's watch gift


Time is perhaps the most precious gift that once given you cannot get it back. So what could be better than giving him a watch that suits his style, and at the same time, to send him a message that you appreciate the moments he and you share together, right? You can refer to the article about famous watch brands to find the right gift.

18. Feng shui bracelets


feng shui bracelet gifts


Bracelets will help you express the love you want to give to your lover. The trend of wearing feng shui stone chain bracelets, bringing good luck, was quickly updated by guys. Quickly find out his Destiny to choose the right stone color feng shui bracelet for him.

19. Sports equipment


sport equipment


If your lover especially loves a certain sport such as badminton, football, tennis, golf… then you should consider giving him badminton rackets (Li-Ning, Yonex), soccer balls (Nike, etc.) adidas, New Balance), the premier Foot Joy golf glove. Running shoes, sports clothes, sports bags… if he loves gym activities. Yoga mats are also not a bad idea, you can also choose for yourself What clothes to wear when practicing Yoga to practice with him to contribute more affection.

20. Sleeping bag


birthday gift sleeping bag


Sleeping bags may sound funny, but this is an interesting gift to give him, especially for guys who have a habit of napping at the office. Show your care for his health and sleep in the most practical way by buying him this super comfortable sleeping bag now.

21. Laptop shockproof bag

Giving birthday gifts to your boyfriend in a “student” style with a laptop shockproof bag is a very… economical suggestion! Laptop shockproof bag he can use every day, is a good assistant to protect the laptop from falling, or dusting. The starting price of a laptop shockproof bag is only about 150 thousand.

22. Tech toys


technology toy gifts


If you belong to the group of “conditional children” and are willing to spend a fair amount of money to give birthday gifts to your boyfriend, the tech toys can’t go wrong. However, in addition to expensive smartphones and tablets… you can buy Bluetooth headsets, power banks, 3D virtual reality glasses that are suitable for your boyfriend’s needs.

23. Mechanical gaming keyboard


gaming keyboard gift


Telling you to buy a gaming mechanical keyboard for a guy who loves gamers will make him “crazy” with you. Typically, the Logitech mechanical keyboard is beautiful, compact, easy to move, suitable for guys who play games at net shops. In addition , the student price Logitech wireless mouse is also an item you should refer to.

24. Hair wax


hair wax gift


Who doesn’t want their boyfriend to be a handsome man, right? Hair wax is a practical boyfriend gift to help him increase his handsomeness. Some of the trusted hair wax brands of Vietnamese men are Gatsby hair wax, X-Men hair wax, L’Oreal hair wax…

25. Razor


razor gift


A guy who knows how to take care of himself will understand the importance of a good quality razor. You can give him a razor with shaving gel for a really “monumental” gift set.

26. Handmade gift


handmade gifts


Beautiful handmade gifts made by the person you love always make the other person feel the most obvious feelings. Towels, greeting cards, key chains, confetti, or wall paintings… all deserve respect.

27. Mini aquarium


mini fish tank gift


If he is an animal lover, loves to take care of pets, the mini aquarium is a birthday gift that cannot be better. In addition, a mini fish tank can be placed in a feng shui office to help his career advance.

28. Hugging pillow


pillow gift


The use of a pillow when sleeping helps you have a better sleep, improve your mood and health. The gift of pillows is very meaningful and is what couples use to give each other.

29. Thermos flask


thermos bottle gift


The use and convenience of a thermos bottle you probably already know. The price of a good quality, durable thermos varies from 150,000 to 500,000 depending on the capacity.

30. Perfume


perfume gift


Men express their masculinity to women through the senses, in which the scent of perfume strongly awakens the sense of smell. If you know him well enough to be able to personally choose a men’s perfume that makes him fall in love, then you are definitely born for him.

31. Sunglasses


men's sunglasses gift


Sunglasses are not only a fashion accessory but also an item to help men protect their eyes from dust and glare when driving or traveling. Choose sunglasses that suit your face shape and needs from the very best Police, Montblanc, Ray-Ban brands.

32. Waterproof jacket


waterproof jacket gift


Water-resistant jackets act as both a raincoat and a sun-protective jacket. If there is a sudden drizzle, the waterproof jacket “carefree” and you drive without worrying about getting wet. Another practical gift for boyfriend’s birthday, right?

Reference: Spending the whole youth buying sunscreen but not effective is why?

33. Photo albums


photo album gift


You must have hundreds of we-fie pictures in your phone with him, right? Suggest you choose about 10 pictures you like best to wash and put in the photo album for him. Meticulously caption describing the moment, or memory of each photo to review the moments of the two together.

34. Good book


good book


A guy who is “adept at antique needles” always has a certain charm and creates a certain prestige in his words with his girlfriend. Give him a good book with a meaningful message to help him enrich his knowledge in the fields of startups, technology or novels… from Hay Book stores, Alphabook, Phuong Nam.

35. Handbook


notebook gift


Notebooks are equally important items for office workers. Give him a polite notebook and a business pen that will be his companion on the path to a successful career.

36. Hoa


flower birthday gift


Boys love and respect flowers just like girls. You should pay attention to choose a “masculine” flower wrapper if you intend to give him flowers on his birthday.

37. Birthday cake as a gift for boyfriend


birthday cake


Birthday cake is an indispensable gift on the occasion of… birthday. Order your birthday cake decorated to your liking or flavored with your favorite chocolate, matcha, or vanilla.

38. Romantic dinner

A romantic dinner by flickering candlelight, beautiful flowers and melodious music is sometimes more than enough for him. Enjoying time together is sometimes more precious than any other luxury gift.

39. Movie tickets


movie ticket gift


After dinner, the two of you can watch a movie together. Order movie tickets from CGV cinemas with movies you both like to enjoy together.

40. Short trip




Plan and find out where you want to go with him, then let him know so you both can arrange things before the trip. Traveling is a way for the two of you to get closer to each other, and at the same time an opportunity to warm up your feelings and give each other the necessary attention.

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