30 most practical and meaningful mother gifts

30 most practical and meaningful mother gifts

Mommy! The divine call to the children born in the mother’s arms. Mother is the one who raised us up, taught us from birth to adulthood. No matter where we go, whatever we do, our mother always follows, protects and loves us infinitely. There will be no way to repay the mother’s birth, upbringing and immense love. Instead of waiting until you are rich and full of material things to think of your mother, your caring words and actions, but the small gift of your mother in your daily life, are also a way for you to secretly thank the person you love. his mother.

>> 30 most practical and meaningful mother gifts

Words and actions of good concern, but a small gift for mother in daily life is also a way for you to silently thank your mother.

Words and actions of good concern, but a small gift for mother in daily life is also a way for you to silently thank your mother.

1. On what occasions should I buy gifts for my mother?

There will not be a fixed date to buy gifts for mom, not only March 8, October 20 or waiting for mom’s birthday, but throughout 365 days of the year, every day is a special day. meaning so you can send your love to your mother. No need for luxurious gifts, bouquets of flowers or a homemade meal will surely make your mother feel happy.

If you are not a child who is always close and easily expresses love to your beloved Mother, you can “borrow” the following special events to send love to your mother such as:

Give mom a birthday gift

We can give gifts to all our friends, but sometimes we don’t remember our parents’ birthdays. Birthday is a special day for everyone, the day we receive special wishes and gifts from loved ones. There are people who can’t celebrate their birthday once in their life, even if they don’t even remember those days. When you are an adult and can earn money on your own, celebrate your birthday and give your parents small gifts and give them warm wishes. Even if I don’t say it, I’m sure any parent will like it.

Buy a gift for your mother on the occasion of Vu Lan’s filial piety

Vu Lan filial piety festival, also known as Vu Lan festival, is a special holiday for children to express their respect and gratitude to their parents, who have given birth and raised us to become human. If your father and mother are still alive and well, that’s luckier than ever. Give your father and mother small gifts of gratitude in the days of July every year.

Gift 8/3 for mom

March 8 is the International Day honoring half the world, sisters, wives, mothers,..On this special day, always remember your mother.

Give mom a gift 10/20

Just like March 8, October 20 is an occasion for the country to appreciate the contributions of Vietnamese women, who have contributed significantly to the construction and development of the country. , the mother, etc., taking care of family life every day. It can be said that this is an important time for you to send and repay your gratitude to your mother.

Giving gifts on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day comes from many countries around the world. In Vietnam, Mother’s Day is not as well known as March 8 or October 20.

As a rule, Mother’s Day is held on the second Sunday in May. Therefore, there will be no specific date. In 2021, Mother’s Day will fall on May 9, 2021.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity for children to show their love, respect, and infinite gratitude for their mother’s birth and education.

Giving gifts to parents on their wedding anniversary

Nowadays, as life evolves, wedding anniversaries are remembered and celebrated by many people. This is not only a parent’s holiday but also an opportunity for family members to gather and review the love stories of parents in their youth. On this important day, please give your parents meaningful gifts as well as wish them to be healthy and always love each other.

2. The most meaningful gifts for mom

What gifts are suitable for mom? Actually, there is a very simple secret that you try to think of what Mother needs / lacks the most, then give her that thing, if you can find meaningful practical gifts for her, it will be great. No, let’s refer to suggestions for buying gifts for mom such as:


Fresh flowers are one of the meaningful gifts for mom

Fresh flowers are one of the meaningful gifts for mom

For women, fresh flowers are always a meaningful and loved gift. Gifts for mom are fresh flowers on special days, expressing the wish that mom is always young and beautiful like flowers. Some types of fresh flowers you can choose to give your mother as a gift such as roses, tulips, orchids, gerbera daisies, etc.

Skincare set

Besides flowers, you can choose a suitable skin cream for your mother. Because women of any age need to take care of their skin carefully to avoid aging. Especially for mothers, maintaining youthful beauty, skin creams are indispensable. You should pay attention to the skin care products that your mother often uses or you can ask the salesperson for advice to choose the most suitable skin cream for her.

Make-up set

For modern mothers and often have to go to parties, events, etc., a makeup set is also a suitable suggestion if you do not know what gift to give your mother. A full set of makeup from primer, powder, foundation, makeup brush, blush, eyebrow….will definitely make mom like it.

Functional foods

As you age, your health declines. Mothers need to add some functional foods to keep the body healthy. When it comes to functional foods, there are many different types, you can buy functional foods to help your mother sleep well, vitamin supplements or foods to prevent aging, etc. Should buy at reputable establishments to make sure Quality as well as accurate advice from doctors.

Bedding set with pillow

Mother is the one who takes care of the family home, so the furniture in the house or bedroom will surely make mothers excited. Choosing a set of blankets, sheets, pillows and cushions for your mother is also an option for you to consider.

Cards for yoga, meditation, etc.

Give mom a card to practice yoga, meditation, ... to improve health

Give mom a card to practice yoga, meditation, etc. to improve health

Yoga or meditation … are subjects that are very suitable for the age of mothers. It not only helps the mother have good health, flexibility, but also maintains her body shape and makes her happy every day.

Beauty and spa packages

Beauty and spa packages will help moms have more time to relax and take care of themselves. You should choose beauty packages at reputable establishments to ensure your mother’s safety.


If you have elderly people in your home, it is very important to have a blood pressure monitor to check your health more often. It will be great if you choose this as a gift for your mother’s birthday or any special occasion of the year.

House facility

Household items such as housewares, smart home cleaning tools will help mom a lot in daily work.

Hand bag

Fashion bags for mom

Fashion bags for mom

Handbags are an indispensable item for women, this is not only a daily item but also considered as a piece of jewelry for mom to carry with her when going to parties, events, meeting friends, etc.


Similar to handbags, wallets will become even more necessary for mothers. Choosing a wallet for your mother, you can choose simple designs, with a slightly wide compartment for your mother to use.

Ao Dai

One of the indispensable costumes for Vietnamese women is the Ao Dai. At the age of mothers, it is necessary to have a few ao dai in the wardrobe to wear to weddings, parties, etc. So this is one of the appropriate gift suggestions for mothers for your reference.

Clothes to wear at home

A set of clothes to wear at home is also a gift that makes mothers excited, because for mothers, time is at home. Therefore, a comfortable and beautiful outfit will make mothers more confident and love life.

Dress, party shirt

In addition to the above clothes, you can also choose luxurious dresses and tops for your mother to “wear” when going out or to wear when going to parties, events, meeting friends, etc.


Choose perfume as a gift for mom

Choose perfume as a gift for mom

Not all moms love perfume. However, if your mother is a lover and often uses perfume, then choose a perfume bottle with her favorite scent as a gift for your mother, she will surely be touched.


You must have remembered your mother’s shoe size, right? Please choose for your mother a pair of shoes/sandals that fit and are comfortable for her to use every day.


Eyeglasses are not only a fashion accessory, but also have the effect of protecting the eyes from dust, improving eyesight, etc. So when buying gifts, mom can completely choose glasses.


Gift your mom's favorite jewelry

Gift your mom’s favorite jewelry

Jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. are all beauty items loved by women and your mother is no exception.

Silk scarf

If you buy a gift for your mother on the occasion of October 20, you can give her a soft silk scarf. Because at this time, the weather is starting to fall, so it will be cold, giving towels at this time will be very suitable.

DIY handmade gifts for mom

If you are a little skillful, you can make handmade gifts for your mother. The things you make yourself will surely make your mother appreciate and cherish.

Health checkup package

The overall health check package is a very meaningful gift that you can give your mother. This is a gift to express the wish for the mother to always be healthy so that she can live a long life with her children and grandchildren. You should buy a health checkup package at reputable medical units to ensure quality.

A trip for mom

A trip with your family or with your husband is a meaningful gift that every mother wants

A trip with family is a very meaningful gift

Have you ever taken the time to take your mother out, away from the places where she worked hard for so long, so that she could see that Vietnam still has many beautiful scenes that perhaps her whole life could not be seen. see or if so only through the TV screen?

travel with mom

travel with mom


If not, a trip is the most meaningful gift you can give your mother while she is still healthy. It can be a trip with the whole family or a trip exclusively for parents. Because with each passing year, parents will get older and older, then even if you want to go here or there, it will be difficult to do even if your economy is better at that time.

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