3 things that make the indispensable attraction of the movie "Aladdin 2019"

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Trailer of "Aladdin 2019"

1. The live action keeps the original plot but creates modern and trendy details

 "Aladdin 2019" is produced on the base of the cartoon: "Aladdin 1992" which was quite simple. Aladdin và Princess Jasmine came together with the help of Genie and then defeated Prime Minister Jafar. This year's live action version basically has a similar plot, but each character in the movie has a dramatic change in image.

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Cartoon: "Aladdin 1992"

First of all, Aladdin is just a petty thief, but always shows the good things inside him. However, he couldn't escape this illegal profession because of the poverty and of the lack of his parents's education.

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Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

Next, Jasmine is no longer an innoncent princess without any resistance to Jafar as in the old version, now she is smart and always wants to find new things in the life. In particular, she aspires to become the emperor because she don't want to depend on any man.

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Princess Jasmine

As for the King and Jafar, they express a clear opposition in the rule. The King advocates peaceful ways and uses clever diplomatic measures to bring prosperity to the country. In contrast, Jafar always wants to create wars to expand the individual and national power.

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Prime Minister Jafar

Genie in this movie has more land to play. The audiences have the opportunity to laugh with Genie and to learn more about the character's loneliness and his desire to escape from the small lamp. In addition, unlike the version in 1992, Genie fall in love with Jasmine's maid - Dalia.

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Finally, a number of characters have been added to the movie "Aladdin 2019" to create more accents for this film such as: Prince Achmec, Army general Hakim or charming maid - Dalia.

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Princess Jasmine and her maid - Dalia

2. Magnificent scenery

The context in the movie "Aladdin 2019" is invested heavily and elaborated with complex cinematic techniques that make the audience satisfied when enjoying the beautiful footage of the land Agrabah and the memorable Arab market.

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At the market, Aladdin always has a private, funny and humorous way to "hide" in every thief.

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Scene Aladdin was "transformed" by Genie into Prince Ali and appeared in the citadel to ask his wife to make the audience admire the wealth and luxury of the items that he brought and the majestic and colorful dances.

When Prince Ali appears

 The scene of Princess Jasmine being taken on the carpet by Aladdin is also a memorable part of this film with soaring melodies, romantic and magical scenery.

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3. The soundtrack totally attracts the audience

Disney cartoons often include songs in movie scenes and "Aladdin 2019" isn't an exception. The songs that are embedded in the film are very reasonable and attract audiences because its are mostly remixed to better suit the modern music trend.

You'll probably realize that some familiar songs such as "Arabian nights" or "A whole new world" have appeared in the cartoon "Aladdin 1992" but have been renewed and are much easier to hear.

Song: "A whole new world"

The new soundtrack: "Speechless" performed by Naomi Scott (played the role: Jasmine) has conquered all audiences with the divine, emotional highs and feminine lyrics that Disney is starting taking the initiative.

Song: "Speechless"