3 special dishes you must-try in the alley next to Dong Xuan Market

Vermicelli and grilled meat clamped in bamboo’s sticks

You can find this attracted dish in a small booth in a corner of the alley next to Dong Xuan Market. That booth is one of rare vermicelli and grilled meat booths in Hanoi that can retain the traditional and original flavor. The meat of this booth is made in a special way, wrapped in the piper lolot leaves, clamped in the bamboo sticks and grilled on the charcoal.

This booth has opened from many years and is very famous with many people in Hanoi. To make this dish, the ingredients are selected, marinated and processed very carefully. In addition, that booth has an another most interesting point that is tamarind’s vinegar and sấu’s vinegar. When you eat this dish, you can add a bit of this vinegar into your bowl of sauce that becomes more sour and sweet-smelling.

Every serving of vermicelli and grilled meat clamped in bamboo’s sticks will have a price of 30.000 VNĐ.

NOTE: At noon and night, many people will come this booth to eat, so you should leave your vehicule in Dong Xuan Market’s parking and walk in that alley.

Vermicelli and traditional snail soup

The booth’s vermicelli and traditional snail soup is located at the end of the alley next to Dong Xuan Market. If you arrive here at the rush hour, maybe you wouldn’t have a seat.

There of 2 types of vermicelli and snail soup in this booth: cool snail soup and souse snail soup. The most attracted thing of this booth is the best soup with its sour flavor from the thickened vinegar and spicy flavor from the chilli. Moreover, the snails in here are well processed, so, you wouldn’t taste the fishy savor when you eat this dish.

The vermicelli and traditional snail soup in this booth isn’t added beef or lean pork paste like many restaurants in Hanoi.

You’ll be served this dish with a plate of fresh vegetable and some spices such as vinegar, chili, sấu’s sauce… You can add the spices into your bowl depending to your taste. The price is around 25.000 VNĐ/bowl.


  • You should come here in the evening that this booth doesn’t have many people, so you don’t need to wait too long for your dish.
  • This booth is quite small, so you should leave your vehicule in Dong Xuan Market’s parking and walk in the alley.

Pho tiu

Pho tiu is the dish that is so similar with Saigon’s hu tiu, but under the clever hands of Hanoi’s people, it becomes more famous like a Dong Xuan Market’s brand dish. This bowl is made by a popular ingredient in the Vietnamese cuisine – pho (noodles). Pho tiu is normally served with very little water, roast pork, roasted peanuts, dried onion and fresh vegetables.

When eating this dish, the guests usually use the chopsticks mix all the ingredients in the bowl. Pho tiu is really tastily with the sour flavor from the vinegar, the sweet and rich savor from the roast pork and the dried onion.

The price of each pho tiu’s bowl is about 25.000 VNĐ.

NOTE: This small booth always has many people that come and taste, so if you don’t want to wait too long for your dish, you should early arrive.

How do you feel after you see these photos of 3 delicious dishes? I really feel hungry. If you never taste the specific dishes, why don’t you make a team to come here and enjoy it on this weekend?